Monday, August 17, 2009

Art-to-go and закуски, please!

We asked our excursion teacher to take us someplace where the average tourist doesn’t normally go to unless they have some insider information! And so Nastiya took us for a walk and we walked inside a residential area near the centre and got see some nice street art including a little park that seemed like a tribute to Gaudi!

Street art with the love bus!!

I also wanted to taste some more typical Russian food and so Floris and me used our practical class and asked our practical teacher to take us somewhere where we could taste the typical Russian pie. Unfortunately, the waiter let us know that half the menu was not available anymore...”only vegetable or cherry pie!”, this might seem strange to some of you but after having spent nearly 3 weeks in St. Petersburg barely anything surprises me anymore (today I found out that toilet paper is sold per roll in the supermarket!!).

In any case we tried them both and they were quite tasty but not really extraordinary, should try it at some other places soon! As we walked towards Nevskii prospekt I was suddenly in shock as I thought I was witnessing a robbery of Repin paintings from the Russian Museum on the street!! But I soon found out that they were hanging up copies on the walls of buildings, below you can find a picture of it!

That same evening, my housemate Suzanna had proposed to prepare us some traditional belini’s with caviar and salmon!! We all helped a bit in the preparation and it turned out delicious and so filling!!!

Suzanna the head chef with her newly bought book on traditional russian cuisine

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