Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The battle against the ‘verbs of motion’

One of the first things I was introduced to when starting my Russian course were the verbs of motion, now…whenever I hear these words together it seems like some allergy strike creating like an imaginative tree in my brain asking the following questions: “Are you going by transport? Yes/No? Do you go there regularly or just by sheer fluke? Yes/No? Is the destination an open or a closed place?!”

Anna & Nikos having a little after drink at our place discussing our frustrations bout Russian grammer!

Aaarrggg…and ofcourse the Russian language just wants to joke around a bit by adding a couple of exceptions! This has been my battle the past weeks but I think I finally am able to distinguish the different situations!! Though I’ve probably reached the border level of patience of my teacher multiple times but today I heard the ‘click’!!! Hallelujah! Lol

Am so satisfied with the professionalism of my course that I just sometimes smile in class thinking…wow! Throughout my little student life this has been the biggest purchase I’ve ever done and am just so happy I did it! Just a couple more days left but am definitely leaving with an overfilled bag of memories!

Nastiya, a special thanks has to be directed to her for being so helpful and knowledgeable about everything in St. Petersburg!

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