Sunday, August 9, 2009

это Большой ноч вчера

Two weeks of my russian course have passed and I was fortunate enough to initiate my little adventure with some really friendly people. Unfortunately, this weekend was the last of three of them and so we went out to the city centre to celebrate the evening. Bart, the course coordinator, also came by for a beer and afterwards we headed to a club called "Revolution" and had ourselves a great night until the wee hours! :P

Hans (in picture above having a good time): Never afraid to walk up to the prettiest lady in the bar, me and Jeroen are still wondering how you do it!! haha And ofcourse our accustomed tasty lunch will be missed!

Krzysztof: Always in for a laugh, this guy made sure we had a great time out in St. Petersburg! From arranging the taxi's (which requires quite some russian assertiveness) to getting a table in a club, it was a real joy to meet him!

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